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Hello there! My name is Trav. You may also know me as acleverchristmasurl or masterhackerchihiro.

I'm an agender blogger who doesn't do much other than draw, play games, and sleep.

Personality type - INFJ

They/Them pronouns preferred, but he/she are okay as well.



Part 1 of the horrible times we had at Freddy’s

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tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)


name: Trav
age: 16
sexuality: Ace
relationship status: Taken
eye color: Blue
height: 5’7’

favorite season? Fall
favorite movie/s?: Chronicle
favorite album?: there’s too many to pick a favorite 

favorite band?: Either Oh Nickle, IAMX, or The Birthday Masacre
favorite quote?: “I’ve got me a handful of mint, a pocketful of ashes, and a heart full of dreams.” -Markiplier

favorite shirt?: This one, but it’s black and just says Philadelphia on the bottom.

smoke?: Nah
drink?: Water and sometimes gatorade
write?: Used to write a lot more than I do now, but I still write a lot
play an instrument?: Piano! I used to play the Clarinet too

your favorite place: My room is pretty nice when it’s cold
your favorite memory: Staying up until 4 am in the morning texting this guy
your ideal partner: this guy

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ryan reaction pictures for every occasion

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everybody has that one game that completely ruined them like for better or worse there’s that one game with a plot that destroyed your insides and characters that stole your heart and art and design that reduced you to tears and you just want to hold the game in your arms and cry like a small child bc it’s your game

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i’m watching Markiplier playing Five Nights at Freddy’s and


this is the best decision i’ve ever made

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Distressing Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

Dear God

just imagine dealing wit this on a routine basis and throw in the fact that nobody will care, nobody will help, and in fact, you’ll even be accused of “exaggerating”, and then MAYBE you could understand why black people are “always so hostile”

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Video racism this is so hard to watch but everyone should watch it anyways

「Guess I died. And I’m so sorry」
「죽어버렸어. 미안해」



「Guess I died. And I’m so sorry」

「죽어버렸어. 미안해」

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Wait, slow down Ashley

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How To Be Violent 101 with Gold

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*blacklists the words x and y*

just try and blacklist THIS


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Be the person Markiplier believes you to be.

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mark and ray seeing the love of their lives


mark and ray seeing the love of their lives

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"Why would the murder break ever end?"

"Apparently it doesn’t make for good footage

lots of ryan lately. not sure if I should apologise to mr haywood or not

but seriously, sorry kerry for having ryan beat the shit out of you the first time i drew you

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I have such a soft spot for cartoon violence(x)

(no timestamp on the link since this isn’t an exact scenario from the vid but the punchline is still gavin gets anvil’d)

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Alright Ryan, you are the space engineer. What do we need to do to get to Mars?

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